Does SwiPets Cat Hair Removal Glove Really Work?

This unique cat hair removal glove appears to do just what it claims to do…remove cat hair effortlessly. A simple swipe of the glove and cat hair, dander, lint, etc. isĀ  gone from clothing, furniture, carpeting, car upholstery, and any surface that cat hair adheres and clings to. Then you just grab the hair off the glove and toss! The glove will last multiple washings (as long as you air/line dry per their instructions) and as their commercials show…it provides a quick responsive time for those inevitable, embarrassing moments! I was searching for something similar to the roller I typically use…I had to laugh when I found this! Who has a cat and hasn’t had something similar happen! And I wear black most of the time. Ha!

I pulled this off YouTube…hilarious!